Student Support

It is important for students to know that they are not alone in dealing with the pressures they may face as part of their studies. All members of the SEAA Student Services team are willing to offer guidance and support when required. Our Student Services office along with the Academic office have an open-door policy and are obliged to talk to you about any matters you may be dealing with.​​

Career Development and Support

SEAA provides support regarding student career development. We hope every student can achieve their personal goal and career goal after graduation. If you are planning to apply for a work placement or if you are applying for a new job, Student Services are able to support you and review your resume to ensure you have the best possible chance.

Student Wellbeing

SEAA is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy, friendly and collaborative environment for all students. Student Services can help students adjust to a new environment, deal effectively with personal situations and advocate on behalf of students. We can assist students with issues such as:

• Personal/cultural problems, such as stressful circumstances or emotional issues which interfere with your studies

• Decision making, interpersonal issues and personal behavioural patterns

• Incidents of sexual assault, harassment, bullying and discrimination against or by students/staff

• Attendance difficulties

• Administrative problems or complaints

• Classroom conflicts

• Adjustments to your studies

• Guidance on academic progress, resume writing and future career pathways 

If you would like an individual consultation with a Student Services staff member, please feel free to contact us or just drop by.

If you need psychological counselling services, you may also book a session directly with our student counsellor.

Student Feedback, Complaints and Grievances

At the end of each semester, every student is asked to rank their teachers, tutors and units. This is a confidential survey which students can access via Moodle. All students can also have individual consultations with a student services team member to talk about any challenges or difficulties they currently face. If you don't want to speak to our staff, you can always talk to a student representative. 

All students are encouraged to speak up and report any issues that may arise. All students have the right to report problems, concerns or grievances regarding any aspect of their studies or other related activities, which are within the control of SEAA and its staff.

All communication between Student Services and individual students remain confidential. SEAA will attend to your complaint and ensure that your concerns are addressed appropriately and as quickly as possible.

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