Student Safety

At SEAA, we try to provide students with a safe, healthy and friendly environment, however, it is always important to be aware of potential dangers and risks whilst travelling in and around Kuala Lumpur. While Malaysia is generally a safe place to live and study, it is still important that students take precautions to reduce the chance of an incident occurring. This is particularly important for when you first arrive and are adjusting to your new way of life.

Keep an eye out for our safety posters around campus.

Be mindful of avoiding empty and badly lit places, especially at night. Walk with a friend or stay with a crowd and avoid empty train carriages. Be aware of your surroundings, and make sure that you can get assistance if necessary.

Following your common sense and best practices will ensure you remain safe and healthy, whether you are handling emergencies, personal and home safety, or natural elements such as the sun, water, and fire.

Tips for personal safety

• Always plan your trip home, especially at night.

• Try to travel with a friend or in a group.

• Keep your bag and belongings close to your body and where you can always see them.

• Never hitchhike.

• Where available, use pedestrian walkways and cross the street at pedestrian crossings or lights.

Student Wellbeing

SEAA is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy, friendly and collaborative environment for all students. Student Services can help students adjust to a new environment, deal effectively with personal situations and advocate on behalf of students. We can assist students with issues such as:

• Personal/cultural problems, such as stressful circumstances or emotional issues which interfere with your studies

• Decision making, interpersonal issues and personal behavioural patterns

• Incidents of sexual assault, harassment, bullying and discrimination against or by students/staff

• Attendance difficulties

• Administrative problems or complaints

• Classroom conflicts

• Adjustments to your studies

• Guidance on academic progress, resume writing and future career pathways 

If you would like an individual consultation with a Student Services staff member, please feel free to contact us or just drop by.

If you need psychological counselling services, you may also book a session directly with our student counsellor.

Home Safety

• Always keep your doors locked – both when you are home and when you go out.

• Lock windows when you go out, or in rooms you are not in while at home.

• Do not let strangers into your house.

• Be careful of the information you give out to strangers through social media.

• Smoke alarms will alert you to smoke on the property, so don’t remove the batteries or tamper with them.

• If you come home to find evidence of a break-in, contact the police immediately.

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