Pathway to Australia
Reasons to live in Australia

Below are just a few of the reasons of Australia life and why Australia is such a desired country to live.​​

Beautiful and Clean Environment

Not only are Australian cities renowned for being clean, the natural beauty of the natural environment is incredible. Australia has hundreds of national parks and amazing scenery including the Great Barrier Reef and Ayers Rock.​​

Education System

Australia consistently ranks high in world polls for education provided. All levels of the education system are strictly regulated by the government and must abide by strict regulations to ensure only the highest levels of education are provided.

Multicultural country

Australia boasts one of the most multicultural populations in the world. Over 25% of the population where born overseas.​​

Affordable standard of living

In comparison to the US or UK, Australia is very affordable. The fees charged to international students and the student’s cost of living are all reasonable. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship recommends an average yearly cost of $18610 per year in living costs.​​

Working in Australia

All students on a student visa can work up to 40 hours per fortnight throughout their studies, and as many hours as they like during their holiday breaks. This work is intended to assist the students in meeting the costs of living in Australia.​​

Tax in Australia

Everyone in Australia has to pay tax, regardless if you are citizen or not. However if you working less than 40 hours per week, chances are that you may receive most of the tax that you paid back in the form of a tax return.

Opening a bank account

A bank account is a safe and secure place for students to keep their money and almost every business pays their employers directly into their bank account, so it is essential to set one up if you are planning on staying in Australia​​

Accommodation in Australia

Students studying in Australia have several options for accommodation. Be sure to choose the correct accommodation option to suit your needs and budget.

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