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The Sydney Global School of Technology and Commerce is a new school higher education institution located in Sydney, Australia. Why not join us as one of our first students and experience the Sydney Global difference. You will be one of the first 100 students we expect to join us in our first year as a School.

At Sydney Global our mission is to build social capital through education. Our vision is to be ‘a preferred study destination for the global employee’.

Sydney Global offers a Degree and Diploma in Information Technology and a Diploma in Business Information Systems. We offer a personal and friendly learning environment in the heart of the Sydney CBD. Our campus is located in a modern building in the heart of the city, close to public transport and eating/shopping facilities. The campus is located in a recognised higher education hub. Our teaching rooms are spacious and offer very good natural light and comfort.

Sydney Global welcomes both Australian and International students as part of our student cohort. We are focused on the student experience, especially helping international students adjust to living and studying in a new country. We value the diversity this creates in the classroom, the opportunity for students to share their experiences from different parts of the world, and the learning this brings. We provide a study and work environment where discrimination on any basis is prohibited, including on the basis of gender, nationality, culture, religion, physical ability and sexual preference. Please take the time to explore our web site and learn more about the environment we seek to create to help you be successful in your studies, and make the most of your experience as a student in Australia.


At Sydney Global we think small is good. Small classes, a small and close-knit student community, and a small student to staff ratio. This means the focus is on you the student. We also focus on important skills you need in the workplace, like working in teams, negotiating and problem solving.

As well as offering excellent courses and diplomas, we make sure that if you are an international student, our courses fit with your study visa.  We also provide up to 100 hours of English language tuition at no extra cost that will help take your IELTS score to the next level. There is also support provided with study skills and mathematics if required.

We also understand that sometimes things happening in your life can interfere with your studies and you may need help from time to time dealing with personal issues; from helping you find accommodation to dealing with the personal and emotional challenges of studying far from home and family, in an unfamiliar environment.

In the final year of your degree you will have the opportunity to spend 165 hours in a real workplace where you will apply the learning and skills from your classes.

All of this is important for the study side of your time with us, but we also understand that want to have a social life with your fellow students from other countries and cultures. We help you get your social life in Sydney organised with your colleagues. Where to go, how to stay safe.

We are committed to welcoming students from all over the world as part of our student community. We also have a special belief in the future for women in ICT.

Financial Support

If you are an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student you may be eligible for a full scholarship to study at the School. This covers all your fees and charges.

Sydney Global also offers partial financial scholarships to students who achieve strong grades as they progress through their studies.

The student experience

Sydney Global offers our courses in trimester mode. There are three teaching periods each calendar year, each of 12 weeks’ duration. Trimesters allow you to spread your studies and ease the load on you, and at the same time meet your visa requirements for your total study load. They also allow students to compete their courses sooner in some circumstances.

At Sydney Global we offer all of our education programs in ‘face to face’ mode. We believe it’s important for students to be able to have a teacher with them in the classroom so they can feel supported, ask questions and share their ideas with fellow students. Your learning materials are made available using an on-line student learning system where you can access information about the content and assessment requirements of your study units, as well as readings, lecture slides and other material of interest for the unit. You can also submit your assessment on-line.

We’re also interested in YOU as individuals. We know that being with other students from a diverse range of nationalities and cultures is something that students are often looking for as part of their Australian experience. Ours is a truly multicultural school where students can get involved in helping us make it an even better place to study and learn.


We’re a new School so you won’t be able to google us and see what previous students are saying about us. In fact we want YOU to be one of the first to experience our different approach to the student experience and tell others about it.

Important things for you to know about us are that our courses have been approved by the Australian government so they meet high standards. We have been awarded the necessary licenses to offer higher education courses to domestic and international students. And we’re a financially viable organisation.

An important requirement for higher education providers who offer courses to international students is that the students have their tuition fees protected. Sydney Global has Tuition Fee Protection Insurance with the Australian Tuition Protection Service.

As a new School, our programs are designed by academics and industry experts who have up to date knowledge of the way the IT and business information/data professions are moving, and the emphasis for the future. Our courses are designed to prepare you effectively to step into the workplace and be effective as an IT or business information professional. Our courses are also designed to put you in a strong position to take on a range of higher and more specialist future roles.


At Sydney Global we offer:

-a Bachelor of Information Technology

-a Diploma of Information Technology

-a Diploma of Business Information Systems

At Sydney Global, our courses put you at the heart of the field that is driving our world forward. We have designed our Bachelor of Information Technology course so that if you want to be a software developer, design multimedia experiences, or develop smart systems for the future, this course will give you the technical, analytical and creative skills to develop solutions, innovate and be successful in the information economy.

At Sydney Global we offer innovative state of the art courses which are approved as meeting the Australian Qualifications Framework.  Our Bachelor of IT course is designed to meet the requirements of the Australian Computer Society. We will be applying for accreditation with ACS during 2020, and anticipate accreditation in time for your graduation.

If you don’t qualify for entry to the Bachelor program, our Diploma programs are a good starting point and when you graduate, you can then go straight into second year of the Bachelor program. While the Diploma of Information Technology is intended primarily as a pathway into the Bachelor of Information Technology, it also functions as a stand-alone qualification for entry-level jobs since it is designed so that graduates may qualify for ‘Certified Technologist’ status with the Australian Computer Society (ACS) after three years of experience.

The learning environment at the School has the following features:

• there is a specialist academic advisor who can help you choose your units of study and map this out over your stay with us

• if you are an international student, we encourage you to practice your English in class to build on the additional English tuition we provide for you as a student

• we check on your progress and work with you early on areas where you are not going as well as you should be

• there are regular sessions where industry experts come in to talk to students about the industry and career opportunities.

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